The BCSSTA has formed partnerships with the organizations listed below. These partnerships are established to provide mutual support, access to materials, resources, events, et al. If you do not see your organization listed below and a partnership has been ratified in the past, please contact bcssta@gmail.com.

At our annual fall conference we have a publisher and vendor display area that provides teachers with bountiful resources, teaching ideas and helpful resource contacts.  Inevitably, teachers need to reconnect with representatives from an organization, association or company but have forgotten the name and contact information of the individual/agency/organization/association.  This page is designed to solve that problem for our teachers and provide a helpful resource for teachers to connect with those publishers and vendors who participated in our most recent annual conference.  Please note this is not designed as an advertisement site for publishers/vendors but as an additional resource page to assist teachers.




 Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights. We are building a world in which every person enjoys the rights included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

Amnesty International began in 1961 and now has more than 2.2 million members in over 150 countries. Amnesty International has produced human rights materials for use in the classroom and supports youth and student groups around the world. Teachers are invited to take advantage of AI materials and support for youth activism in a number of ways.

Classroom materials: Human Rights Kit, campaign posters and action materials, taking the human rights temperature of your school, monthly Lifesaver youth action, list of web-based AI resources for teachers, discussion guides for selected films and books and guest speakers for class or school presentations

For youth and student groups:  youth/student group registration package, youth activism guide, in The Mix monthly newsletter, campaign posters and action materials, films and guest speakers and volunteer/work experience opportunities.

For more information on these and other ways to incorporate human rights into the curriculum and your school, contact:  Don Wright, Regional Development Coordinator,  BC/Yukon.  dwright@amnesty.ca    Tel: 604-294-5160.

Barkerville Historical Town


Barkerville Historical Town offers the thousands of school children who travel from all over the British Columbia the opportunity to learn about the  history of this unique historic site. During May and June, the town reverberates with a live theatre, guided tours, demonstrations, street interpreters, stage coach rides, restaurants, gift shops, a photo studio, a bakery, numerous demonstrations and over 120 restored or reconstructed buildings filled with displays. There are many individual programs for the visiting schools.

For more information contact the Barkerville Historical Town at: barkerville@barkerville.ca


Better Classroom Guidebooks


The goal of Better Classroom Guidebooks is to develop learning resources for use in Canadian Social Studies classrooms. All of our resources are distributed on CD-ROMs and may be printed out as required. You are invited to explore our website and download sample resources that you can use in your classroom.

Check out the Freebies page on BC Guidebooks’ website. It features crossword puzzles that you can download for use with your students. Check back frequently because they are changed every couple of weeks.

B.C. Alpha

B.C. ALPHA is a partner in the development of the BC Education Ministry developed Teachers’ Guide, Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific 1931 – 1945:Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship which supports the prescribed learning outcomes for Social Studies Grade 11, History 12 and Law 12.   This is an excellent class tool for peace and justice education and for fighting against racism.

B.C. ALPHA (Association for Learning & Preserving the History of WWII in Asia)endeavors to offer continual support to teachers in the effective use of this education tool.   We can help arrange speakers, survivors and eyewitnesses for classes, and make available on loan to teachers reference, video materials and traveling exhibits on humanity issues of this tragic history.  In line with this spirit, the annual Peace & Reconciliation Study Tour has been organized since 2004 for teachers.  For highlights and album of the past Study Tours, visit http://www.alpha-canada.org/

For more information contact: bcalpha@alpha-canada.org


B.C. Civil Liberties Association

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association’s (BCCLA) mandate is to defend and extend civil liberties and human rights across Canada. The BCCLA has the following resources that are of interest to teachers:

Events: The BCCLA organizes an annual one-day interactive forum for students in grades 10-12 taking Social Studies and/or Law classes. The forum, held at SFU Harbour Centre, includes topics such as; youth and criminal law, student civil liberties at school and student choice workshops such as homelessness, student activism, media concentration and civic activism and privacy and social networks in an electronic age (Facebook).

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association as has free publications such as; Rights Talk: Students and Civil Liberties at School, The Arrest Handbook: A Guide to Your Rights and Speakers for Classroom Presentations

For more information: Call the BCCLA if you would like to have someone visit your class to discuss a civil liberties issue.  Tel: 604.687.2919      Email: info@bccla.org


B.C. Youth Parliament

Contact:  https://bcyp.org/contact

The British Columbia Youth Parliament is a unique opportunity for students to learn about the parliamentary process and develop their citizenship skills by participating in democracy in action and community service projects. Every year from December 27-31, 95 members of BCYP from across the province come together in Victoria to debate in the Legislative Chambers on legislation laying out their plans for the year and private members resolutions on topics of local, nation, and international interest. After this parliamentary session, members return to their home communities, where they engage in local community service and work together to plan and execute education, service, and fundraising projects, including Regional Youth Parliaments for youth aged 14-18 years and partnerships with other community organizations. BCYP is open to applicants 16 to 21 years of age, and application forms are available online from early September to the third week of October each year. More information can be found at the web site.

Canadian Council for Geographic Education


The Canadian Council for Geographic Education is pleased to offer teachers ready-to-use lesson plans. These lesson plans were written by qualified CCGE teachers and are available for the appropriate curriculum within each provincial and territorial jurisdiction. They all reference the CCGE published Canadian Standards for Geography and the Scope and Sequence Chart. The CCGE plans to add to this collection of lesson plans yearly so that teachers will have a growing source of ideas to draw from.

For more information: contact Beth Dye at: bethdyeca@yahoo.ca


Canadian Heritage

Contact: PCH.info-info.PCH@canada.ca

Canadian Heritage is responsible for national policies and programs that promote Canadian content, foster cultural participation, active citizenship and participation in Canada’s civic life, and strengthen connections among Canadians. In addition, Canadian Heritage sponsors a number of activities and contests such as the, “National Creative Writing and Artwork” contest plus the “RACISM. STOP IT!” contest.

Classroom Ready Inc.


Classroom Ready provides teachers with current events publications that make it easy to teach the latest International, National and Provincial News. These time-saving publications have been created by the teachers of Classroom Ready for the Social Studies and Science curriculums and include exciting and informative articles, maps and map activities, comprehension questions, lessons and quizzes with answer keys.   As teachers, we take pride in developing top quality resources for the Canadian classroom. We offer a Weekly Current Events package, a Monthly Current Events package, and a Science Monthly package, each for two grade levels, Grades 5-7 and Grades 8-10.

For more information contact Jim Newman at: jim.newman@classroomready.com

Come Walk Awhile in Our Shoes: A Journey of Ordinary – & Some Not-So-Ordinary – Canadians, 1900-45 & 1945-99.

Nationally-acclaimed author and journalist, Roy MacGregor, has called Come Walk Awhile in Our Shoes “a brilliant approach to taking ‘boredom’ out of teaching Canadian history.”  This engaging approach takes students on both a collective and individualized journeys through the impersonal macro-events that shaped the Canadian experience from 1900-45, and 1945-99.  Students assume personal profile identities that incorporate ethnicity/ancestry, locality and social class.  An assortment of unpredictable dynamic situations impact upon their simulated lives and those of their families – and, the Canadian story comes alive in the hearts and minds of teenagers, in a way, rarely seen!  Peter Kear has done workshops on this approach at OHASSTA in Toronto, for school boards and at faculties of education across Ontario.  This past September, he joined the staff of Nipissing University’s Faculty of Education.

For more information contact Peter at: petekear@vianet.on.ca


The Critical Thinking Consortium


The Critical Thinking Consortium is a non-profit association of 55 institutional partners, school districts, faculties of education, teaching professionals, associations and other educational organizations. The Consortium’s purpose is to support the infusion of critical thinking across all subject areas from the primary grades to graduate school. Its aims are to enhance students’ abilities and inclination to think critically, deepen their understanding of curricula, encourage their engagement with the world, and nurture their willingness to act in thoughtful, responsible ways. With a comprehensive view of critical thinking, the Consortium also serves educators and interested organizations by providing related information and resource materials, and carrying out professional development programs and projects.

Since 1993, the Consortium has published an award winning series of 22 curriculum resources and worked with over 35,000 educators across Canada and in the United States, Israel, England, India, Finland, Hong Kong and the Caribbean.


1. Videos for Students: These videos (accompanying lesson plans will be posted soon) explore the six Historical Thinking Concepts. Three videos, Historical Perspective, Historical Evidence and Interpretation, and Continuity and Change, profile injustices experienced by Chinese Canadian, and the videos, Historical Significance, and Ethical Judgement profile Ukrainian Internment during WW1.  http://tc2.ca/teaching-resources/special-collections/pivotal-voices.php

2. Free sets of historical documents: There are many great resources here that cover an array of topics.http://sourcedocs.tc2.ca/

3. Pivotal Voices: looking to add different voices un the study of Canada, this collection provides resources on Chinese Canadian, South Asian Canadian, and Ukrainian Canadian history an experience.http://tc2.ca/teaching-resources/special-collections/pivotal-voices.php

4. Get direct mailings from us, including The Thinking Teacher, a free monthly resource digest we offer.

For more information contact The Critical Thinking Consortium at: https://tc2.ca/shop/contact_us

Distribution Access


About Us. Magic Lantern Media is a leading provider of the world’s best educational video programs and multi media content. With a library of over 15,000 titles, we serve educational institutions around the world – elementary, secondary, post-secondary, libraries – learners of all ages in their homes and educational and broadcasting organizations globally.


Emond Montgomery Publications

Emond Montgomery Publications has developed an exceptional roster of high school texts over the past several years. Three of our recent texts are Trillium listed and are highly acclaimed by both instructors and students. Our books are 100% Canadian in content, written by experienced authors who understand the classroom curricula. Emond Montgomery is committed to offering outstanding customer support and exceptional teacher’s resources. The company is independent and 100% Canadian-Owned.

For more information contact Lindsay Mascherin at: lmascherin@emp.ca

Epoch Multimedia


contact: epoch@canadianhistoryseries.com

Epoch Multimedia is the producer of the Canadian History Series: 1939-2000. The series, available in English or French, was produced in partnership with the BCSSTA and six federal government departments and agencies.  The nine, 30-minute, fully-menued DVDs are designed to mesh perfectly with BC’s modern Canadian history course.

Historica Foundation


The Historica Foundation of Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to increasing an awareness and understanding of Canadian history and its importance in shaping our future.  Both elementary and secondary teachers will benefit from the bilingual resources available – most free of charge – to schools throughout Canada.

The website http://www.historicacanada.ca is the online home of Historica and gateway to The Canadian Encyclopedia, the History Minutes, and Learning Modules for secondary students such as Peace and Conflict.  Lesson plans, Teacher Talk forums and information on the History Fairs Program and Encounters with Canada (for students aged 14 to 17) are also available on the website.

Contact: info@historicacanada.ca

Historica was honoured to receive the 2007 BC Social Studies Teachers’ Association Partner of the Year award.

Law Courts Education Society of BC

The Law Courts Education Society of BC is a non-profit organization that helps the public better understand how the Canadian justice system works. Our web site is a great resource for both teachers and students because it provides innovative and interactive programs to make learning fun.

For more information contact info@justiceeducation.ca

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia: Public Education & Outreach


contact: PEO@leg.bc.ca

Public Education & Outreach encourages appreciation and engagement in the parliamentary process through the education of the public about the institution of Parliament and the significance of B.C.’s Parliament Buildings. Please visit our website to book your free guided tour of the Parliament Buildings, to watch videos and obtain transcripts from past debates, to view copies of current and past legislation, and to obtain copies of our educational resources.
We also support teachers by offering the following services:

Free Guided Tours of the Parliament Buildings: Curriculum-based tours available in English and French.

Learning Resources and Publications: A variety of activity sheets, posters, fact sheets, lesson plans and videos for use in your classroom.

B.C. Teachers’ Institute on Parliamentary Democracy: A week-long professional development opportunity for teachers in the Spring and Fall of each year.

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre http://www.vhec.org

The VHEC is a teaching museum that delivers Holocaust-based anti-racism programming through its exhibits, school programs, teaching materials, student symposia, teacher conferences, outreach speakers and public programs.

For more information contact Nina Krieger at: ninakrieger@vhec.org

Fair Voting BC is a non-partisan, registered, non-profit society which works for fair voting systems for all elections held in BC, whether for federal, provincial, or municipal legislatures or councils or for independent organizations such as societies, unions, coops or student councils.

We support improvements in operating practices of elected bodies aimed at making government more representative, inclusive, transparent and accountable;  such improvements could relate to campaign financing and disclosure rules, committee structures, or legislative conventions, amongst others.

Fair Vote Canada    https://fairvotingbc.com/   Fair Vote Canada (FVC) is a grassroots, non-profit citizens’ campaign for voting system reform. We promote the introduction of an element of proportional representation into elections for all levels of government and throughout civil society.Classroom Materials: Fair Vote Canada volunteers, including teachers, have developed a Voting Systems Lesson Plan. The lesson and accompanying power point presentation is available in both English and French, as well as a Youtube instructional video. The lesson compares First Past the Post to Proportional Representation using a mock vote, generates student discussion of pros and cons of both systems, and explores the topic in the context of Canadian elections.The lesson is designed for introductory level social studies or civics, but can easily be adapted for other subject and grade levels. 

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